Patient Pamphlet “All Work, No Pay” – The Greater New Orleans Human Trafficking Task Force

This “All Work, No Pay” outreach pamphlet includes a simple explanation of human trafficking, and provides resources for people in the Greater New Orleans community who are seeking services or assistance. These pamphlets are particularly useful to members of vulnerable communities or people who may be experiencing exploitation. This campaign affirms the GNOHTTF’s commitment to inclusive, trauma-informed awareness materials that employ images expressing a diverse range of identities, ages, and work environments. This campaign uses open source photos that are free to use and reproduce. These were created in partnership between several GNOHTTF sub-committees, and were reviewed by the GNOHTTF Survivor Advisory Board.

This pamphlet is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese. To access the file in each language, click the language listed above.

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