Suzanne Poppema

Suzanne Poppema, MD, has been involved in reproductive justice and human rights since the first days of her private practice north of Seattle. She moved to the state of Washington after graduating from Harvard Medical School to complete her residency in Family Practice at the University of Washington. Dr Poppema is involved in improving physician response to human trafficking in Washington state. An Emerita Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine, she has been teaching residents and medical students since the 1980s. While now retired from clinical practice, she is a Past Chair of the board of Physicians for Reproductive Health (PRH) and Past Chair of the National Abortion Federation. Dr Poppema continues to teach and present at medical meetings nationally and internationally. She is currently serving on the Advisory Board at the Women’s Center at the University of Washington, a perfect opportunity for Dr Poppema to continue to help women achieve their highest life goals. Dr. Poppema is the author of “Why I Am an Abortion Doctor,” a memoir.

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