HEAL Committees

HEAL Trafficking brings together physicians, advanced practice clinicians, nurses, dentists, psychologists, counselors, public health workers, health educators, researchers, clinical social workers, administrators, and other health professionals who work with and advocate for survivors of human trafficking. Our topical working groups synergize, centralize, and improve the quality of anti-trafficking work currently underway. As a network, we encourage collaboration between groups, as our efforts frequently overlap, even within a single project. We welcome new collaborators as our groups continue to grow.

To become involved with one of the Committees listed below, please sign-up: here.

  • Advocacy
  • Direct Services
  • Education and Training
  • Media and Technology
  • Protocols
  • Research



The HEAL Advocacy Working Group advances the field of trafficking and health care by affecting public policy at local, regional, national, and international levels.

Our leaders are Abigail English, JD and Vicki Rosenthal, MSW.

Direct Service

The HEAL Direct Service Working Group works to improve the clinical care for trafficked persons by sharing best practices among direct service providers.

Our leaders are Katherine Hargitt, PsyD, and Dr. Anita Ravi, MD, MPH, MSHP.

Education & Training

The HEAL Education and Training Working Group focuses on educating health care providers about trafficking and making relevant, evidenced-based training resources more accessible for healthcare providers.

Our leaders are Tonya Chaffee, MD, MPH and Jordan Greenbaum, MD

Media & Technology

The HEAL Media & Technology Working Group uses innovative technology and media to help healthcare providers better serve survivors of trafficking.

Our leader is Holly Atkinson, MD.


The HEAL Protocols Working Group helps members to collaboratively standardize evidenced-based protocols for the identification, care, and referral of survivors of human trafficking.

Our leader is Jeffrey Barrows, DO, MA.


The HEAL Research Working Group serves as a collaborative forum for researchers and advances the evidence base at the intersection of health and trafficking.

Our leader is Emily Rothman, ScD.