Bring the HEAL Consultancy Team to your Health System

The HEAL Trafficking Consultancy Team provides technical assistance, including protocol development and customized training, to improve the health care response to trafficking worldwide. Using a public health and trauma-informed approach, HEAL Trafficking increases organization’s capacity to identify and respond to individuals experiencing human trafficking; while also addressing the root causes that make individuals, families, and communities at risk of trafficking.

When you contract with the HEAL Consultancy Team, we customize our services to address your specific needs. These are just some of the services HEAL can offer:

  • Technical assistance in implementing human trafficking response protocol within health systems (see the HEAL Protocol Toolkit for more details)
  • Customization of your human trafficking response protocol to your health system’s unique needs
  • Design of and customization of human trafficking training, including train the trainers
  • Trainings for your entire health system in human trafficking and response procedures
  • Review of health system human trafficking policies and procedures
  • Creation of regional frameworks for health care human trafficking response 
  • Advise on health care and trafficking related projects for researchers, advocates, service providers, law enforcement
  • Curriculum development of human trafficking response protocols for health systems

If you would like to hire the HEAL Trafficking Consultancy Team, please submit this form. Please note that HEAL is unable to take on pro bono consultancies at this time.

HEAL’s expert consultants typically have at least 7 years of experience working in their field and are experienced in designing and delivering training and technical assistance. Expert consultants may also have a lived experience of trafficking.

Who is eligible for HEAL’s Consultancy?

The HEAL Consultancy Team’s services are intended for:

  • Human Trafficking Taskforces
  • Law enforcement
  • Hospital Associations
  • Researchers
  • Service providers
  • Medical service providers and health systems
  • School-based health professionals
  • Public health professionals
  • Behavioral health and substance use professionals
  • Federal, state, local, city, and tribal government agencies
  • Volunteer service centers that provide support to trafficking survivors or populations at risk of human trafficking

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