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Please click the button that most closely matches your area of work to join HEAL’s online forums (previously known as the HEAL listservs) – all subscribers will get access to the same online forum(s) regardless of their profession. This information is used for internal purposes only to help HEAL better understand the background, affiliations, and expertise of the HEAL community and we will never share your personal information publicly. By filling out the form you agree to abide by our online forum guidelines. Thank you in advance!

Note that it may take up to two weeks for you to begin receiving messages from/be able to send messages to HEAL forums after you sign up.

If you are interested in recruiting for participants for a research study using our online forums, please fill out this form with the details of your request. HEAL strictly regulates community posts searching for participant recruitment based on specific criteria, including the requirement that the study will lead to academic publication and has obtained IRB approval.

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