Bette Ann Baker

Bette Ann Baker, JD, MSN is a nurse and attorney. Originally from New England, she received her bachelor’s degree in English and Nursing from Simmons College. Bette then worked in rural Eastern Kentucky running a Home Health Agency and later was head nurse in an inner-urban hospital in Louisville before getting her MSN at the University of Rochester.

As a nurse and nurse practitioner she taught for the BSN program at University of Texas and was co-editor of the Nursing Text, “Health Assessment Across the Life Span.” She spent six months teaching nursing in Guatemala as a consultant for the World Health organization (WHO). She then attended the University of Texas School of Law and moved to Los Angeles after graduation.

Bette practiced law for 35 years specializing in health care regulatory issues; she represented health care companies and later represented employers in workers compensation cases as a litigator. She was Chair of the Los Angeles County Bioethics Committee for two years and served as a temporary judge in LA County for many years. She currently lives in Los Angeles and has two grown children.

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