NYS Human Trafficking Training Law Webinar Series – Second Webinar

GNYHA and HANYS will co-host the second webinar in a series on the New York State human trafficking training law to provide hospitals with relevant information on implementing the law’s requirements.

The webinar series was developed in response to the passage of § 2805-Y of the New York State Public Health Law, which requires hospitals to establish and implement policies and procedures to identify and assess victims of human trafficking and provide training to staff on such policies and procedures. The legislation went into effect in November 2017. The New York State Department of Health (DOH) issued a “Dear Administrator” letter in March to inform hospitals of the legislation (please see Community Health Bulletin-1 for more information), but DOH has yet to issue implementing regulations.

The objectives of the educational series are to help hospitals 1) understand the requirements of Public Health Law § 2805-Y, 2) develop policies, procedures, and training that are consistent with the requirements, 3) understand the prevalence of human trafficking nationwide and in New York State, and 4) the role hospitals play in caring for victims of human trafficking. The series will include external resources and contact information for hospitals on this issue.

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