HEAL Human Trafficking Clinic Leadership Committee

Who We Are: Leadership of human trafficking-focused health care clinics.

Mission: Among clinics with dedicated care for those with an experience of trafficking, strengthen and advance equitable access to survivor centered trauma-informed medical care. This includes promoting equitable access, coordination of care, mitigating health consequences, addressing mental health and advancing prevention strategies.


-Build community and collaborations among leadership of human trafficking-focused health care. 

-Bring clinically-focused trainings and resources to leadership of human trafficking-focused clinics.

-Offer consultation to primary care and specialty providers on how to deliver trauma-informed, survivor-centered best practice care for those who have been impacted by human trafficking, addressing this patient populations’ unique needs in human trafficking-focused clinics.

-Engage in and facilitate topic-based discussions on the challenges facing clinic leaders, including how trafficking survivors interact in the clinical environment. These discussions may cover introducing harm reduction, collaborative resources that support resilience and movement toward normalizing the clinical experience.

HEAL Trafficking’s Human Trafficking Clinic Leadership Committee is chaired by: Annie Lewis O’Connor N.P., Ph.D. Andrea Reilly M.D. and Jennifer Cox.

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