HEAL Direct Services – Healthcare Clinics Specialized in Caring for Human Trafficking Survivors

Chair(s): Dr. Katherine Hargitt, PsyD, Co-Chair Direct Services
Moderator: Susie Baldwin, MD, MPH, FACPM, HEAL Trafficking’s Co-founder
Guest Panelists:
–Annie Lewis O’Connor, NP, PhD @ The C.A.R.E Clinic (Coordinated Approach to Resilience and Empowerment)
–Ron Chambers, Jr., MD, FAAFP @ Dignity Health
–Stephen Symes, MD, FACP @ Project THRIVE
Assistant: Lucy Mahaffey

Discussion questions:
– Since we don’t yet have a lot of evidence about how to manage trafficked patients specifically, how do your clinics incorporate evidence-based approaches?
– What does an intake visit in your clinic look like?
– How do the clinics incorporate other mental health and other specialty services/what challenges have you found in referring to specialty care?
– How do the clinics approach financial sustainability, what kind of coverage do patients have/how is care paid for?
– How do the clinics approach staff turn over?
– How do they approach case management for other services and on call staff accessibility (is someone on call 24/7, if not, how do they deal with client emergencies that arise?)
– Any advice for someone starting a clinic?
– How do clinics approach cross-cultural issues and address language barriers?
– Does your clinic use an interdisciplinary team and if so how?

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