The Trauma-Informed Code of Conduct- For all Professionals working with Survivors of Human Trafficking and Slavery

by Rachel Witkin and Dr Katy Robjant
Helen Bamber Foundation

This Code will act as a professional guide for best-practice when working with survivors, and is written by our Head of Counter-Trafficking Rachel Witkin and Katy Robjant, a consultant clinical psychologist specialising in the treatment of PTSD and other related disorders in asylum seekers, refugees and victims of trafficking.  Rachel and Katy both have a wealth of experience in working with survivors of trafficking and slavery, Rachel said “survivors have taught me so much about what they need, and how best to work with them, and I am still learning from them now […] Having the TiCC should mean that professionals do not have to draw solely and repeatedly upon their own resources of emotional intelligence and intuition but can remember tips and guidance for using basic therapeutic techniques in all contexts, including the difficult process of obtaining disclosure for legal procedures.”  They have used this experience to put together a comprehensive guideline for all professionals, Katy said “We realised that a trauma informed code of conduct was needed, to de-mystify trauma and to provide simple best practice guidelines for any professional working with survivors. We explain how to counteract the trauma processes which might otherwise complicate this work.”


[Full PDF available at link.]

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