HEAL/AHA Webinar: Promoting Prevention, Improving Health, and Maximizing Safety Outcomes for Patients Affected by Human Trafficking and Intimate Partner Violence

There is growing recognition that human trafficking is a health and public health issue, with severe health consequences affecting some of the most vulnerable members of society. As the premier primary health care delivery system for underserved patients and communities in the USA, FQHCs are often the first point of contact with the health care system for those at risk for and affected by human trafficking, intimate partner violence and other forms of violence. Human trafficking encompasses both labor trafficking and sex trafficking of adults and children, men and women, foreign born and American born, and affects all races and ethnicities. FQHCs provide preventive services, health education programs, community outreach, integrated behavioral health care, dental services and enabling services, and therefore, have a great reach into the populations at risk and affected by human trafficking. Learn about the intersection of human trafficking with intimate partner violence and other vectors of violence and trauma and how FQHCs are working with Domestic Violence Coalitions to address human trafficking and intimate partner violence.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define at least three characteristics of FQHCs mandated by law that differentiate them from other health care delivery settings.
  2. Understand the intersections between human trafficking and intimate partner violence.
  3. Describe a collaborative model of care between FQHCs and Domestic Violence Coalitions to respond to human trafficking and intimate partner violence.
  4. Understand the Futures Without Violence Universal Education framework and the CUES intervention (Confidentiality, Universal Education, and Support) to assess for and address human trafficking and intimate partner violence in a heath care setting.

Anna Marjavi
Project Director, Health
Futures Without Violence

Kimberly Chang, M.D., MPH
Family Physician, Asian Health Services
Vice‐Speaker of the House, Board of Directors, National Association of Community Health Centers

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