AHA Webinar: Trafficking of Children for Labor and Sex – The Health Care Professional’s Response

This webinar will provide a more in-depth look into trafficking of children for labor and sex. National expert, Dr. Jordan Greenbaum, will provide an overview of the issue to help create awareness of the dynamics of child trafficking. The session will discuss the adverse health consequences experienced by children when trafficked and how health care professionals need to provide trauma-informed care when victims present in health care facilities. Evelyn Chumbow, activist and trafficking survivor, will share a survivor perspective to highlight the importance of survivor-informed practices.


Session Objectives:


  • To understand the definitions of child labor and sex trafficking, and create awareness of the dynamics of child trafficking
  • To create understanding of the adverse health consequences of trafficking and how trafficked persons may present for health care in health care facilities
  • To be familiar with the trauma-informed approach to medical and mental health care

Jordan Greenbaum, MD
Medical Director of Global Health and Well-being Initiative
International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children

Medical Director of Institute on Healthcare and Human Trafficking
Stephanie Blank Center for Safe and Healthy Children at
Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Evelyn Chumbow
Advisory Board Member
The Human Trafficking Pro Bono Legal Center

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