The Health Professional’s Role in Identifying and Responding to Youth and Young Adults Who are Sex Trafficked (AHA Webinar)

This webinar will help health professionals understand some of the unique needs in caring for youth and young adults who have been or are being sex trafficked. A case based scenario will be used to demonstrate some of the issues often confronted by health professionals in identifying and responding to youth and young adult sex trafficking survivors. This webinar will also demonstrate the importance of utilizing a trauma informed approach particularly when addressing issues around mandated reporting, consent and confidentiality often raised with this aged population.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn three common signs of a youth or young adult who may be at risk of or are being sex trafficked.

2. Understand some common barriers in the health care setting that prevent youth and young adults from being identified as being sex trafficked, including issues around local and state mandated reporting laws.

3. Learn the importance of incorporating a trauma informed response when addressing the health care needs of youth and young adults who are identified as victims and survivors of sex trafficking.


Tonya Chaffee, M.D., MPH
Clinical ProfessorHealth Sciences Department of Pediatrics, UC San Francisco
Medical DirectorChild and Adolescent Support, Advocacy and Resource Center (C.A.S.A.R.C.)
Director, Teen ServicesSan Francisco General Hospital (SFGH)

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