HEAL Research Webinar: Integrating Research into Anti-Trafficking Presentations

This webinar is designed to increase your confidence when presenting statistics and research about trafficking, by teaching you how to evaluate research and statistics that are shared in the general public.

Not all research is reported accurately – even by reputable organizations or the government – so it is important for anti-trafficking advocates to learn how to determine what information is the best to use in your training. Presenters explain how to track the original sources of statements that are often employed in anti-trafficking awareness efforts, but are not accurate. 

This webinar was developed in partnership with HEAL Trafficking (https://healtrafficking.org) and the Survivor Alliance (www.survivoralliance.org). Presenters include: Ummra Hang, MSW and Survivor Alliance Member, and Dr. Laura Murphy, Professor of Human Rights and Contemporary Slavery at Sheffield Hallam University and HEAL Research Committee Chair. 

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