Reproductive Rights: Promoting Access to Reproductive Health Care for Trafficked Persons

Dear Supporters and Advocates,

At HEAL Trafficking, we are dedicated to advancing the health and well-being of trafficked individuals, and this commitment extends to our stance on reproductive rights, including abortion access. We firmly support an individual’s right to make informed choices regarding reproductive health, including abortion. This letter explains the importance of reproductive health care for trafficked persons and expresses HEAL’s unwavering dedication to ensuring their reproductive rights.

Human trafficking is a grave violation of human rights that inflicts severe physical and psychological trauma upon trafficked persons. Survivors often experience profound disruptions to their lives, including the loss of bodily autonomy. In the aftermath of such experiences, making informed choices about one’s reproductive health, including decisions about abortion, becomes crucial. We believe that each individual, in partnership with their medical provider, should have the right to decide about their bodies and reproductive futures free from coercion. This choice is particularly vital for trafficked persons, as it allows them to regain control over their bodies and lives in the wake of exploitation.

HEAL Trafficking is an organization grounded in the healthcare perspective. We value providing compassionate care, advocate for policy changes, and offer expertise to address the complex health needs of trafficked persons. Our support for reproductive rights, including abortion access, aligns seamlessly with this perspective. We understand that comprehensive reproductive health care is integral to overall well-being, and every individual deserves the right to access safe, legal, and confidential reproductive health services. By advocating for the right of trafficking persons to make informed decisions in partnership with their healthcare providers, including access to safe abortion services, we are championing the fundamental right of trafficked persons to make informed decisions about their reproductive health in a supportive and non-judgmental environment.

HEAL Trafficking actively engages in advocacy and collaborative efforts to ensure that trafficked persons receive the comprehensive care they deserve. We work alongside fellow organizations, healthcare providers, policymakers, and advocates to promote policies and practices that uphold the rights and autonomy of survivors. Our support for reproductive rights is an integral part of this advocacy, as it underlines our commitment to enabling trafficked individuals to rebuild their lives with dignity, agency, and self-determination.

In conclusion, HEAL Trafficking stands firmly in support of reproductive rights, including abortion access, and comprehensive reproductive health care, recognizing their pivotal role in empowering trafficked persons and promoting their human rights, health, and well-being. As we continue our work to heal, empower, and advocate, we reaffirm our commitment to championing the rights of survivors and advancing the cause of comprehensive reproductive health care.


Amanda Stylianou
CEO, HEAL Trafficking 

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