Jason Spees

Jason Spees, MSN, MaOM, APRN, L.Ac, FNP-C is an alumnus from the University of Texas in Austin School of Nursing where he served as a clinical instructor in graduate and undergraduate level courses. He is a board certified and licensed family nurse practitioner and acupuncturist. Currently, he is a PhD candidate in the School of Nursing at the University of Texas with a research focus in human trafficking, particularly in the social construction of sex trafficking. He chairs the Alliance for Children in Trafficking with the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and is a human trafficking educator. He has authored multiple human trafficking curricula, served as peer reviewer for the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and clinical editor and author for HEAL’s updated human trafficking toolkit. He has presented nationally on human trafficking and continues to work against human exploitation and abuse. His medical background includes family practice, traditional Chinese medicine, urology, emergency medicine, chronic pain and rehab, hospice and palliative care, long term care and skilled nursing. Arriving from both a complementary and traditional medical perspective, Jason strives to combine science and holism in caring for his patients.

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