Rachel Robitz

Rachel Robitz, MD is an Assistant Clinical Professor at University California Davis. She completed residency in combined family medicine and psychiatry and a fellowship in community psychiatry at University of California San Diego. She is currently the Associate Training Director for UC Davis’ Family Medicine/Psychiatry residency. Clinically she works as a primary care physician at Sacramento County Health Center and as the Assistant Medical Director of Sacramento County Mental Health Urgent Care. She previously worked as psychiatrist for a program for homeless youth and for multiple programs for adult and youth victims of human trafficking. She served on San Diego County’s Child Welfare Steering Committee on the CSEC, and she aided San Diego County’s Human Trafficking Advisory Council in engaging medical providers in county based anti-trafficking initiatives. She has presented on the mental health and medical needs of human trafficking survivors locally and nationally. Her current research interest is in examining how best to support survivor leaders engaged in anti-trafficking work.

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