American Public Health Association (APHA)

Abstract: “Human trafficking is a global problem affecting the most marginalized and vulnerable populations. People subjected to human trafficking are known to suffer from myriad mental and physical health problems secondary to the physical and psychological abuses inherent to the human trafficking experience. Victims and survivors should be able to turn to health professionals for assistance, but currently such services are not reliably available. The majority of health care providers have not received education that would help them identify and care for trafficked persons. Furthermore, there is a dearth of data on the characteristics and health needs of this diverse population and the best methods of prevention and intervention. This policy statement calls for professional schools, societies, and certifying bodies to improve training of licensed health professionals and to integrate human trafficking into existing curricula on intimate partner violence, domestic violence, and child and elder abuse. Moreover, private organizations and state and federal agencies should increase funding for responsible and necessary research at the intersection of public health and human trafficking. Such research should explore issues related to prevention of victimization and perpetration as well as appropriate intervention. Finally, research, training, and anti-trafficking community interventions should be survivor centered and trauma informed so as to facilitate the best possible survivor-oriented outcomes.” (November, 2015)

See full policy statement above.

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