King’s College London: PROTECT – Provider Responses, Treatment, and Care for Trafficked People

PROTECT (Provider Responses, Treatment and Care for Trafficked People) aimed to develop evidence to inform the NHS response to human trafficking. It provides evidence about the healthcare needs and experiences of trafficked adults and children and documents NHS knowledge and experience of responding to the health needs of trafficked people. The programme comprised several studies, including:

  • Cross-sectional survey and qualitative research with trafficked people in contact with support services in England to explore health needs and experiences of using NHS care;
  • Cohort study of trafficked people in contact with secondary mental health services, using clinical informatics;
  • Cross-sectional survey of NHS professionals to investigate prior contact with trafficked people and knowledge and confidence to respond;
  • Qualitative research with NHS and other key professionals to investigate experiences of responding to the health needs of trafficked people;
  • Systematic review of health outcomes associated with human trafficking;
  • Systematic review of evidence and guidance on caring for trafficked people in healthcare settings.

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