PreventConnect Webinar: Public Health Approach to Preventing Human Trafficking

This web conference will explore the problematic nature of human trafficking in our communities through the public health lens and how it is linked to sexual violence and domestic violence. A recently published book, Human Trafficking Is a Public Health Issue: A Paradigm Expansion in the United States, is the first book of its kind, with a comprehensive look – from a public health perspective – at human trafficking in the US. We will identify fundamental types and essential elements of human trafficking to consider and incorporate while developing primary prevention programs. We will also highlight examples of anti-human trafficking prevention work being pursued by community health organizations and discuss strategies and actionable goals to create programs to prevent human trafficking in your communities.



  • Introduce essential elements of human trafficking as a public health issue as opposed to a criminal justice perspective
  • Articulate the problematic and complex nature of human trafficking and how it intersects with sexual and domestic violence in primary prevention programs
  • Provide examples of community health organizations engaged in preventing both labor and sex trafficking, lessons learned and successes
  • Describe actionable steps and measures to prevent trafficking in your communities


[Full webinar and presentation slides available at link.]

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