HEAL and The Rights Lab Research Webinar

HEAL and The Rights Lab Research Webinar: Co-designed Instruments and Outcomes for Human Trafficking Survivor Services and Research

Providing high quality, effective health care services for Survivors of human trafficking is a priority – but how do we know what is effective and meets Survivor needs? In this webinar, we explore with three research teams how they have used Survivor-informed research approaches to understand Survivor needs and develop outcomes and instruments for measuring Survivor health and well-being and evaluating services. Following the presentations there is a Q&A and discussion panel.


Maylen Crespo, SPARK Manager, The Salvation Army Illuminate, Canada.

Stacey Cutbush Starseed, Senior Scientist and Program Director, RTI International, USA.

Sian Oram, Reader in Women’s Mental Health, Kings College London, UK.

Rachel Witkin, Director, MSCOS (Modern Slavery Core Outcome Set) Community of Practice (MS-CoP), UK.

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